Call to Action

Education to Mobilize for Action

DAN produced a broadsheet to circulate the call to action and information about how to participate. Partnering with the Earth First! Journal, they printed and distributed 50,000 copies.

The broadsheet represented the mass invitation to come to Seattle and the bold call to shut down the WTO.

DAN produced a 20-page training document to prepare people for the mass nonviolent direct action of the November 30th, including action guidelines and jail solidarity.

The Action Packet includes the decision-making processes, the jail solidarity plan, and the guidelines by which we organized.

In the months leading up to the protests, the Direct Action Network organized a roadshow to tour along the West Coast, offering presentations, street performances, and trainings.

Street theater and huge puppets were a powerful cultural tactic, moving beyond signs and pickets, to connect regular people to the demonstrations in a meaningful way.

After the protests, some DAN organizers compiled a zine about the infrastructure of the mobilization, including security, communications, space coordination, and medical, tactical, and legal support.